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  • How to start the process of transforming my project?

All you need to click on the “sign up” button and follow the instructions. 24/7 support is available to assist you. 

  • What payment method is supported by Merioks ?

You may make payment through PayPal, AliPay, Webmoney, Credit or Debit card, and as well bank transfers.

  • Can I try it before I pay?

Yes. We provide free samples for our services. Get the quote or contact our support team.

  • What are the stages my project will go through? Will I be able to track it?

There are 8 stages your project will be placed at:

  1. Customer
  2. Electronic processing
  3. File preparation for translation
  4. TranslatiOn
  5. Initial editing 
  6. Final proof
  7. Final compliance check
  8. Customer

And yes,  you can always reach your project by contacting the support team.

  • Who will be able to see my documents?

As mentioned, SAFETY FIRST! When you trust your documents to our team it is confidential. Only translators, proof editors, and project managers are the ones who are working as a team on your project.

  • Does Merioks provide a certified translation?

Currently, we are unable to provide a certified translation. However, we are following the most strict quality check to be sure that your translation is 100% accurate.

  • What is the average time for translation services?

Our team works around the clock to complete translation projects as fast and accurately as possible. Our standard is a translation of 2000 words per day, once you have placed your order. We should acknowledge that time is also dependent on the volume of work, the complexity of the text, language pair, and the category of text.

In case you have an urgent order, we would be glad to provide you with our 911 translation service. Please get in touch with us.

  • How much the translation costs?

Our rates for translation projects may increase or decrease based on many factors such as volume, category of text, language pair, urgency, etc.

  • How much does the subtitling cost?

The answer is – TIME IS MONEY. We charge per minute of video that needs to be subtitled/ translated. The cost of timing is based on the category of video, quality of the video, and the density of vocabulary.

  • Is there a possibility of cancellation?

If the Client wishes to cancel or postpone an order for  services  charged on an hourly basis, the full fee specified in the quotation shall be payable when the cancellation is made less than 24 hours during working days or otherwise before the start of the event:

If the Client wishes to cancel an order for Services charged on an hourly basis, half of the full fee specified in the quotation shall be payable when the cancellation is made less than 48 hours during working days before the start of the Assignment.

If the Client wishes to cancel an order for services charged on an hourly basis for more than 48 hours during working days no charge will apply.

If for whatever reason we have to cancel your booking, we will inform you as fast as possible either by phone, email, text, fax, or any other appropriate method of communication. No charges will be incurred by the client.

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